iHeartMedia’s St. Louis radio stations specialize in effective advertising campaigns. Here’s what businesses say about working with iHeartMedia.

Fifth Third Bank

I have worked with iHeart Media on several initiatives for Fifth Third Bank. I have also worked with iHeart Media for Sista Strut, a nationally recognized Breast Cancer Walk. Each initiative has had immeasurable success! Each of the events included radio advertising, promotions as well as remote broadcasts. Each event was very well organized and executed with professionalism and integrity.

The experience at each phase of the sales initiatives was superior. Innovative ideas were developed. Each initiative had useful campaigns and great ideas on creating the events and creating an effective ROI.

Each event had an effective radio campaign to inform our targeted listeners as well as promotional campaigns. All of these tasks, whether business-related or interpersonal, were accomplished with a noticeable degree of competency, professionalism and integrity. Fifth Third Bank has grown exponentially after each event. iHeart Media exceeded my expectations on all levels.

Our business has grown each year through our marketing partnership with iHeart Media. We look forward to a continued relationship and continued growth.

– Royce Sutton, VP Community & Economic Development Manager

City of St. Louis Department of Health

Over the past few years it has been an absolute pleasure to work with iHeartMedia on numerous health promotion initiatives for the Department of Health. Working with iHeartMedia to promote our Let’s Move StL Golf Academy, Breast and Cervical Cancer activities has allowed us to take our programs to another level. In addition through our expanded relationship with the Sista Strut Movement we have been able to reach thousands of individuals with lifesaving information.

On every occasion over the past several years Roy Anderson Jr. has provided the utmost customer service as he has always been able to respond to our integrated marketing needs. Regardless of the activity when I call Roy, iHeartMedia has been able to respond with radio promotions, online advertising and remote broadcasts.

In this day and time, as a government entity that has the responsibility to inform, educate, and empower people about health issues, innovation is important. Roy works to come up with innovative ideas, partnership creation with his other clients and solutions for a high ROI.

The partnership with iHeartMedia and the City of St. Louis Department of Health has grown each year. I am excited about the impact we are going to have on the health of the residents throughout the St. Louis region this year, and the years to come.

– Warren Nichols, Director of Health Promotion and Marketing

Metro Pawn

Metro Pawn has had great results on the urban stations that iHeartMedia offers. It’s hard for us to narrow down which station is the best performer because we advertise on so many. I would highly recommend Wild 104.9 and 100.3 for any one trying to target the urban or young demo.

– Crystal Marina, Metro Pawn

Missouri Lottery

Again I wanted to say thank you for all your help with this promotion and to your team (a few I saw last night I recalled from the float trip).  This promotion would not have been successful without you all.  We had 174 people show up for the movie which was great! That’s more than 50% of the tickets. It was interesting to see the breakdown by station group which station produced the most winners. KLOU, KSD, followed by WILD, then Z107 was the breakdown. It shocked me to see those two stations first!

Either way I loved it. I am going to plan to do the same for the fourth and final movie next year! Next year I will make sure to include your logos from the stations on the shirt as well. Why I didn’t think about it this year… sorry about that. You all are a great partner and want to make sure I can give back some support when I can. That’s one big way for sure!

– Marty Zuniga, Community Relations Manager

St. Louis VA Medical Center

The results from our continued campaigns have produced phenomenal results in the way of more applications, hiring hard–to–fill vacancies, and improving the prospective of the St. Louis VA Medical Center.

From the first day it was obvious our new approach was working. On November 10th we broadcasted our first radio ads on Total Traffic. Listeners were (and still are) instructed to call to inquire about the position advertised. That day (and ever since) my phone receives so many calls and voicemails we have had to increase the amount of voicemails my blackberry receives. Fortunately, referring these calls to this # also insures each call is answered (if not on another line, in a meeting or non-duty hours) and that each voicemail is returned promptly and professionally.

We added TV in January and again received a huge wave of positive response. This was perfect timing because we had a Job Fair on January 28th, 2009. Despite the largest winter storm of the season, this event was an enormous success due to the advertising.

After surveying the MD’s at our medical center, I understood that KMOX is a major radio station in which physician’s listen to regularly. Another major plus to working with KMOX is they have a major following for supporters of veterans. KMOX came on board as one of our vendors just in time for the job fair and with their 2 other radio stations (KY 98 and KEZK 102.5) we were (and continue to) reach not only demographics for physicians, but also healthcare professionals such as RN, BSN, MSN, LPN, PT, OT, Pharmacists, etc.

For the first time I was actually told to “hold off” after 3 weeks of advertising for hard-to-fill Psychiatrists (5 total). Mental Health had a specific meeting with me just for these positions with great frustration within their department about hiring for these positions. The closing date is 5/1/09 for most of them. Due to the advertising on KMOX we have more applications for these positions than ever before. In addition, the Intensivist Physician position had more applications than expected due to the efforts with our advertising on KMOX.

Another result of survey’s from Doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals in hard-to-fill positions is that nearly all of them love to watch and listen to professional sports. Armed with this information, we switched our ads on KSDK (Channel 5 TV) to have the naming rights for the pre-game show for the Cardinals. With only one Sunday so far, we have had many calls to our recruiting ads. In addition, we added KFSN radio (sports radio) because this is a major station and web site doctors and other healthcare professionals listen to during work hours to keep up with the game as they see patients. Also, many of the lawyers, CEO’s, accountants and other higher level executives listen who have a tendency to be married to, have family and friends in the field to pass it on.

There many more positive results to share, but the one I am the proudest of is the calls from members of our community that take the time to call and say something such as: “I’m not a doctor or a nurse, but I want to support our veterans, how can I volunteer?”  Our message that it is a privilege to work for the VA is being heard loud and clear in St. Louis and with continued efforts to our campaign, the St. Louis VA Medical Center will be St. Louis’s preferred employer.

Thank you for your service and support (and making me look soooo good at my job!)

– Christine Oakes, Human Resource Specialist

Windows on Washington

I’m Anna Klein, Sales Manager at Windows On Washington, in downtown St Louis. I was most surprised, when we started our radio ads, to hear from our competitors that knew we were advertising and knew we were reaching the market, that they wanted as well. I noticed the buzz immediately when the ads started running. The phone calls that came in and referenced the ad or even the clients that didn’t reference it right away, mentioned the ad when they set the appointments, so I would have to say the buzz was definitely there and noticeable. When you are advertising with radio, you are reaching people. We all listen to radio and we are reaching the people who are listening… and that’s everybody. Our customers and our employees like the ads. They’re fun! iHeart Media always pulls together what we need to get across in a way that is catchy but not obnoxious. iHeart Media delivers the results my business needs by bringing us the clients in the market that we need to reach.

– Anna Klein, Sales Manager

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